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May be, a builder of musical instruments appears to be capable of making beautiful furniture, his original passion and skills will always be an important part of his life.
So we had the possibility to offer you once build instruments (harpsichord, clavichord, harp, psalter) on this site. That would not be fitting though. That's why you see only musical instruments 'in a modern coat' on this site.

So, there is something special about these instruments - it's obvious, it's the outer styling. Inside they are build according to the traditions, which are respected during many centuries now, but on the surface they are completely in harmony with the furniture you find on this site as well.
Allthough the old masters experimented quite a lot in their design and attempts to ameliorate the sound quality of their instruments - look and listen e.g. to this example. It's a 'lute harpsichord' - as far as I know there does not exist a horizontal harpsichord in such a more or less symmetrical form. A symmetrical form can be seen though in some old claviciteriums (the erect harpsichord).

As we speak about the clavichord, we should mention that for some centuries now, builders have been trying to boost the delicious sound of the instrument, in spite of the fact that it was used merely by church organ players to practice at home. The advantages were clear: you didn't need two extra boys to seesaw on the wind producing contraption of the church organ and at home you could play whatever you liked, without disturbing the neighbours. Exactly for this last reason, the clavichord is the ultimate (acoustical) keyboard instrument for the modern flat-dwellers. The instrument is so mellow in sound that the neighbours never will complain. Still - I also tried to boost the sound, by designing a second sound board in the instrument!
The outer form combines - like the other designs on this site - a modern austerity, mixed with 'disturbing' element to make the design more lively. In this case I probably had better said: to add music to life.

Would you like more information?
Of course instruments like these are not items you buy from you lazy chair over the Internet. This, by the way, is also true for the ordinairy furniture on this site. Before you really decide to buy, we should talk first. If you would like more information, please write to us first via the contact form.

Just to be clear about some things: the images you see here are for the main part computer generated by the original design software. Allthough very realistic, you will almost certain see some (slight) differences in the actually build instrument. As soon as it is possible for us, we will present you the photographs of the build instruments as well as samples of some music played on them.

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